January – A New Beginning

January is here, the time of New Year Resolutions and diets, people jogging in new lycra and sales….humph!

I don’t make New Year Resolutions as I don’t need to give anything up, apart from maybe one thing….Facebook! Hence this blog, (which may or may not end up taking up a lot of my time…we’ll see). Life is busy enough without having my time consumed by other people’s dramas, sometimes people I don’t even know…and that is why I am taking a FB holiday.

Some blurb about me…I am a married woman in my early Forties, with two children living in the Market Town of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. I am at the point in my life where I really should think about getting back to work, as both kids are now in full-time school. And then my mind has a panic and I find myself in Costa or the Forge Boutique buying something I don’t really need!! Help!

Why does the thought of going back to work leave me in a panicked state? I was more than capable before I had children. And do I go back to what I did BC [before children]? Is the  idea of doing something new appealing because it’s fresh and exciting or because it means I can run from what I did BC? Ho hum….I’ll give it some thought tomorrow when in Costa.

J x.


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