Christmas Decorations down day

Today all the Christmas Decorations came down. I started about 11am and finished at 8:30pm! No, we don’t have that many decorations but they were stored in one of the kids bedrooms, so in order to put them away the cupboard had to be emptied and then we thought we’d have a quick sort through and ‘charity shop’ or ‘ditch’ what isn’t used anymore.

OMG!! How much crap can one seven year old girl have?? Ever tried sorting stuff to find it magically re-appears? “But I love playing with that Mom”…really?? Then I happen to mentioned that if we sold it, she could have the money. That did it! Boy, I have never seen toys move so quick.

And now time to sit down with a glass of red 🙂

J x.


January – A New Beginning

January is here, the time of New Year Resolutions and diets, people jogging in new lycra and sales….humph!

I don’t make New Year Resolutions as I don’t need to give anything up, apart from maybe one thing….Facebook! Hence this blog, (which may or may not end up taking up a lot of my time…we’ll see). Life is busy enough without having my time consumed by other people’s dramas, sometimes people I don’t even know…and that is why I am taking a FB holiday.

Some blurb about me…I am a married woman in my early Forties, with two children living in the Market Town of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. I am at the point in my life where I really should think about getting back to work, as both kids are now in full-time school. And then my mind has a panic and I find myself in Costa or the Forge Boutique buying something I don’t really need!! Help!

Why does the thought of going back to work leave me in a panicked state? I was more than capable before I had children. And do I go back to what I did BC [before children]? Is the  idea of doing something new appealing because it’s fresh and exciting or because it means I can run from what I did BC? Ho hum….I’ll give it some thought tomorrow when in Costa.

J x.